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Advocating for native communities since the 1980’s.

Four Winds American Indian Council is an American Indian organization dedicated to strengthening and empowering a resilient Indian community in metropolitan Denver. We recognize that empowerment is the fruit of freedom, and that the meaning of our work must be spiritual, psychological, political and economic liberation of Indian people, at both a personal and community level,which can only be done in relationship to the liberation of our Indian nations.

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205 W 5th Ave,

Denver, CO 80204


(303) 893-6890


Areas of Service

Community garden

The Indigenous Permaculture Garden Project at Four Winds started in February 2015 and weaves innovative science and traditional ecological knowledge from diverse First Nations peoples of Turtle Island to encourage healthier life ways for our Seven Generations to come. Our garden regularly provides fresh vegetables for the community food bank, garden volunteers, and youth and elders programs.



We at Four Winds organize community events and meetings for updates and support for Standing Rock and other oil pipelines resistance efforts, programs to raise awareness for missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, and other solidarity actions. The Four Winds community continues the work to dismantle the Christopher Columbus holiday.

event space

Four Winds American Indian Council is an American Indian “liberated zone” located in the heart of Denver, Colorado, in the original territories of the Cheyenne, Arapaho and Ute Nations. By “liberated zone” we mean that Four Winds is a facility where indigenous peoples are free to use the buildings for Native empowerment. Four Winds is one place in Denver where Native people can speak their languages, participate in their ceremonies, strategize and organize for their liberation, and rebuild an empower communtiy.


Four Winds nurtures the community in various and powerful ways. Lakota Healing Way Center, a Four Winds community partner, holds cultural, arts, and healing programs at Four Winds. LHWC serves urban Native American men, women and children to find support and re-discover their lost cultural connection and begin to heal from addictions. LHWC volunteers cook and share meals with participants.


Four Winds provides projects that include education about traditional foods and other traditional ecological knowledge, physical wellness programs that help to reverse decades of policies that have led to Native disease.


community events

Our programs include; Decolonization film festivals, Indigenous Arts and Culture, Indigenous Garden project, Foodbank, Lakota Way Healing Center, Red Earth Yoga, and Self Defense.


“The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the blood of our ancestors.”
— Chief Plenty Coups, Crow


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